A former villain is living a quiet life, hidden among the masses. Miles has one big secret: he might just be the most powerful super in existence.

Those days are behind him. But when a wounded young lady unable to control her superpower needs his help, she shatters his boring life, pulling him into the one place he least expected to be—the Bureau of Superheroes.

Now Miles has an opportunity to change the place he has always criticized as women flock to him, creating both opportunity and disaster.

He is about to do the strangest thing a Deputy Director of the Bureau has ever done: start saving Supervillains.

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Miles has enough power to take down even a titan, but is that enough to prepare him for what’s coming?

His new job as the deputy director is at odds with his desire to start using his powers to make a greater difference. He has to balance his secret while going above and beyond his role at the Bureau of Superheroes.

When his villain days come back to haunt him in the form of his old mentor, Miles is forced to reconcile his past and present life, all while taking on a new and growing threat in Point City.

With his villain turned superhero team of women behind him, Miles must find a way to save the city and the other villains who still have a chance at being heroes.

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With Miles's encouragement, Melody, had accepted the physical changes wrought by ingesting monster fruit. But now, it was time to help her through everything else. In the wake of the attack on Point City by Daeva the military had devised a plan to insert Melody into Daeva's stronghold.

To gain entry, Melody would have to use her new looks and put her best villain act on. Miles was always there to help his ladies when they needed it, including assisting Melody in this nebulous project. But fresh troubles cropped up for Miles, at the Bureau of Superheroes, as Beatrix looked him and files he'd had her delete from her computer, and she turned to their incendiary boss, Kim, for help.

Was Miles's secret on the line, or would he manage to fly under the radar of these two super-powered ladies? Either way, Miles could not allow anything to stand in the way of his plan.

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Miles is at New Haven, hoping to figure out more about Monster Fruit and Daeva. But he finds more than he expected, a community and a sense of peace as he stops hiding his powers. Meanwhile, Stella flourishes and continues to rope more girls in to make Miles smile brighter.

Things aren’t all pleasant. Monsters often attack New Haven and Daeva shows him the truth about titans and the future that they are moving towards.

Joining Daeva’s pantheon of god like supers, he takes on the task of defending New Haven, discovering that it and Point City have a shared a dangerous enemy. Because the Fenris Wolf, a city killer titan, isn’t something he can just paste.

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Miles’ life has changed irrevocably, with his secret out.

He is the center of a wave from the media that he had not anticipated.
Both good and bad, Miles must now navigate the political structure of Point City.
Before Miles can be too content with his situation, he needs to remove the Brotherhood and the remnant of Roach’s organization.

However, before he can mount an offense against Roach’s people, they make the first move. They don’t just come for him, but the entire Bureau of Superheroes. In the wake of the disaster Miles must repair more than just his reputation.

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