In a world where mages and monster grow from cultivating mana. Isaac joins the class of humans known as mages who absorb mana to grow more powerful. To become a mage he must bind a mana beast to himself to access and control mana.

But when his mana beast is far more human than he expected; Isaac struggles with the budding relationship between the two of them as he prepares to enter his first dungeon. Unfortunately for Isaac, he doesn’t have time to ponder the questions of his relationship with Aurora. Because his sleepy town of Locksprings is in for a rude awakening, and he has to decide which side of the war he is going to stand on.

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Isaac's story continues. He knows being a mage is more than just simple luck. His mother tipped the dice in his favor. But that's ended. Lucky can only carry you so far.

Arriving at the Ferrymen Sect, he hopes to ignite a war between the corrupt mages and those sworn to defend to the average person. But he finds the world of Sects more complex than he'd hoped.
In order to direct the sects into a war with the corrupt mages, Isaac must first overcome genius mages even more blessed than himself.

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Isaac is back and the sects are going to war. Leadership puts him in leading from behind a desk and negotiating deals with the Hua Family.

That is, till another sect's mountain falls and Isaac hurries to investigate. He takes Mei to investigate the fallen mountain. But even Mei isn't enough to stop what the fallen mountain brings.

The corrupt mages' endgame has come, can the rest of the sects band together to stop them?

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Isaac sets off ahead of the rest of his family with Kat and his mana beasts. No matter how much he'd practiced with immortal mana before venturing into the Immortal World hadn’t prepared him for it, and his first bumbling steps into the new world have him collared and sold to a brothel.

Those who did this to him will pay dearly for underestimating him. Isaac plots his escape and the new path in cultivation as he makes plans to break through to his 5th ring and seek revenge.

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Isaac and company head off to Blueheavens to join the Su family and seek revenge against Hendrick and Fairy Su. Unfortunately, the Su family isn’t receptive to more internal competition, and Isaac’s use of his bloodlines in the city draw more attention than he bargained for.

Mistaken for an expert from a foreign ancient family, he’s invited on a trip through the void to a shard of the shattered world where opportunity abounds both for his cultivation and his revenge.

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Isaac has one last step to reunite with his family. Politics aside, it is everything he could have hoped. Only he won’t allow them to define his life. Despite their wishes for him to rest and raise a family, trouble springs anew.

He isn’t one to let things go when one of his women is in trouble. Isaac sets off on one last mission against the wishes of his family. Only to find more than he could have ever expected.

The fate of his family rests in his hands. If only he can put all the pieces together and come out on top of one last adventure.

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