Bruce's Path to Writing

Oh gosh, where do I begin? My love for books blossomed in middle school when I discovered three used bookstores within biking distance from my house. A neighbor and I would bike between them with money we earned from mowing lawns or dog-sitting, eagerly searching through the book bins to complete Mercedes Lackey trilogies. Once we collected a complete trilogy, we'd trade back and forth, reading them in the afternoons or between classes.

My passion for writing surfaced when I co-wrote my first book with the same friend at 16. Spanning a whopping 86 pages on 8.5x11 paper, the manuscript featured a very D&D-esque druid entangled in a love triangle. My friend and I often engaged in heated debates about whether the protagonist could ultimately end up with both love interests. Even then I loved the romance in Fantasy books.

As life progressed, I went to college and focused on my career. I earned a Chemistry degree and, driven by my love for language and literature, also pursued a Linguistics degree. I spent a lot of time translating various materials even if I wasn't writing much on my own, I loved immersing myself in these obscure cultural stories.

Though I continued on the "right" career path, I found myself constantly carrying a notebook and filling it with ideas. I even wrote a 102-chapter web novel around 2010 while working at my first job. However, I didn't know how to turn my writing into a career, and life got busier as I got married. Despite this, my desire to write never truly faded.

Later, when my spouse and I began thinking about having our first child, I was traveling 40 weeks a year for continuous improvement projects. During this time, I devoured Haremlit, LitRPG, Progression Fantasy, and Xianxia novels. Eventually, I returned to writing, this time immersing myself in the world of indie authors. Now with Kindle Unlimited and sites like Royal Road there was a clear path to do a little more with my stories.

I wrote Legendary Rule, believing the cost of the cover was a sunk expense I'd never recover. While I loved Haremlit, I wanted to explore the romantic aspects more deeply, as the instant love trope felt repetitive. To my surprise, LR 1 quickly surpassed the cover's cost, and my reviews informed me that I desperately needed an editor. I had the book edited two months after its release and approached book 2 with greater wisdom.

By the end of those two books, I had learned so much that I needed to reassess whether I could pursue writing as more than just a hobby. I set goals, established dedicated writing times, and began working on Mana Master every day before my day job. Things only improved from there. On the release day of my sixth book, Dao Divinity, I met some personal milestones and quit my job.

Since then, my life has revolved around writing, honing my craft, and learning everything I can to improve. I maintain a monthly release schedule (though a book actually takes 55 days from start to finish, they overlap). In summary, I absolutely adore writing, and I am thrilled that you've joined me on these wild adventures.

Who is Bruce?

I'm a pretty normal guy. I have lived all over, currently in Virginia, married with 1 boy, 1 on the way and a dog who won't stop stealing my socks from the hamper.

Really, I just like to write stories.