Have you ever felt like there was something inside of you pushing your actions? A dormant beast, so to speak. I know it sounds crazy. But, that’s the best way I could describe how I’ve felt for a long time. I thought it was normal, some animal part of the human brain that lingered from evolution. But this is the story of how I learned I wasn’t exactly human, and there was a world underneath our own where all the things that go bump in the night live. And that my beast was very real indeed.

Of course, my first steps into this new unknown world are full of problems. I didn’t know the rules, landing me on the wrong side of a werewolf pack and in a duel to the death with a smug elf. But, at least, I have a few new friends in the form of a dark elf vampiress and a kitsune assassin as I try to figure out just what I am and, more importantly, learn to control it.

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Zach is back. Life has been good since they dispatched a rabid alpha wolf, tricked into dark power. His hoard is growing steadily, with odd jobs working as Morgana’s partner and they’ve been hired to deal with the swamp troll migration as the trolls pass through Philly on their way to Florida for the winter.

As if he doesn’t have enough to deal with, the Order of the Magi come to town for a convention and tensions grow taut between magi and the paranormal council. When trolls become overly aggressive and they find a magus skinwalker behind it, Zach can’t stand by. Someone has to answer to an angry dragon for attacking his new mate. Politics between the two groups be damned.

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Zach is on the hunt for Morgana, who’s hidden herself in Sentarshaden, the secret city of paranormals. The elven city is celebrating the time of rebirth and nurturing their root trees. His secret is slipping, and he sees just what is in store for him as a green dragon becomes known to the city.

The new dragon is both revered and hunted. But keeping himself hidden becomes impossible as he finds Morgana in a terrible state and needing his help. The only thing that can help her happens to be in the hands of the church itself, and a certain gold dragon isn’t going to take no for an answer as he collides head on with the knights templar to save Morgana

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Zach and his ladies are packing up for the dragon conclave. He has enough on his hands trying to impress centuries old dragons that he’s their new king. But when a dragon arrives injured, and another dies at the conclave, things grow tense at the conclave.

Zach will need to step up as their new king and solve a problem so old it’s been forgotten. As if he doesn’t have enough to deal with, as pushy dragons vie for his attention, he’ll have to solve a murder as well.

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Heavy is the head who wears the crown. That goes double for the dragon king.

Zach is wrapping up the end of the school year, trying to juggle his new independent study, where Sabrina and the dragons teach him magic, while also being the king of dragons, a sitting member of the Philly Council and a good mate to six. But the dragon king doesn’t sleep, not when Silverwing Mercenaries has a case from the council. Vampires have had some change in leadership in Philly and trouble is brewing.

Maddie and Frank are at their wit's end with the strangeness around Zach and Maddie gets too nosey, landing herself smack in the middle of his troubles. Did I mention that Helena is in town? As an FBI agent of all things, tracking down a series of demonic killings that led her right to Philly where the demon seems to be setting up shop.

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Zach is prepping for his wedding, but our favorite dragon king can’t sit still during wedding preparations and when Maeva asks for his help to delve into the Fae Wilds to save her mother, he’s more than happy to get out of wedding planning.

The fae wilds are a twisting world of lost and ancient creatures. Some far older than Zach could imagine. Zach is in for a surprise when they discover a village of dragons that just might hold a key to his past.

But he’ll have to navigate the wilds and avoid creatures so large that even the dragon king looks like a tasty snack. Good thing he and his mates are up for the challenge.

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The FBI is digging dangerously close to the paranormal truth. In fact, they are observing Zach like he's some mobster kingpin. Then again, with a new giant mansion filled with beautiful ladies and a hoard brimming with gold, is being the dragon king all that different?

Zach is trying to button up his business and appear innocuous to the outside world, but Norton decides to play dirty. When Norton takes the gloves off and changes the rules, is he ready for what the Dragon King has in store for him? All of this while Zach has to juggle a house full of nymphs and keep his mates satisfied.

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In a city where the supernatural dances with the mundane a dragon's justice burns brighter than dragon fire. Beelzebub, The Prince of Hell's audacity to wreak havoc in Zach's turf, and bring the FBI's fury down on the dragon king, will not be forgotten. It's time for payback.

It isn't just for Beelzebub, but for Sabrina as well. The succubus is losing herself and needs an infusion from more powerful demons if she's to remain the woman Zach knows.

But Hell, as it happens, is no simple battlefield. It's a treacherous labyrinth where every corner seethes with the politics of demon princes. In their ruthless games, they see Zach not as a foe to be feared but as a pawn to be maneuvered.

Yet, within this intricate web of deception and power, Ikta, dances to her own tune. With her whimsical flair for chaos, she's there to flip the board and turn the game on its head. Brace yourselves for a tale that plunges you into the heart of a dragon's fury and the labyrinthine depths of Hell's intrigues. Because when you play with fire, even a dragon can get burnt.

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When the FBI prepares to head down to Brazil, Zach gets tapped to join them. Things aren’t going to plan though. Geists are being created and weaponized around Philly and even drawing the attention of the military.

To solve it, Zach needs to go down to El Dorado and convince them that he’s not like the dragons that came before him and that they need to help him solve Aphrodite’s grand plan. Because the Archangel of love has no love for Earth and it’s clear her plan is going to cripple the world to save Heaven.

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