Ajax Demos finds himself lost in society. Graduating shortly after artificial intelligence is allowed to enter the workforce; he can’t get his career off the ground. He clings to what he believes a responsible adult should pursue, but it just isn’t in the cards. As his last hope for a steady paycheck disappears new opportunities open.

Ajax gets a chance to play a brand new Immersive Reality game. Things aren't as they seem. Mega Corps hover over what appears to be a simple game. Two unlikely women hiding their real identities join his party as he tries to get ahead of the competition and set himself on the path of becoming a professional gamer.

Join Ajax and Company as they enter the world of Legendary Rule.

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Back in the game, Ajax, Missy, and Sky make it to the human capital of Tyren, only to find themselves on trial for the dead merchants. Putting them on trial, the King of Tyren has enough awareness to know that players are different than his townspeople. He tasks Ajax to forge a party and conquer a dungeon plaguing the catacombs.

But first, Ajax needs to fill out his party. He needs a great team if he’s going to become a professional gamer at the upcoming conference. Meanwhile, Richard and his family’s ambitions are not idle, as they work to gain more power in the virtual world. And a mystery emerges as the royal castle bubbles with whispers of demons in the city.

As if that was not enough, Ajax struggles to understand his new found magic outside the game.

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Ajax and the girls are off to the convention. Yet things are boiling under the surface.

Sarah has some confessing to do. Meanwhile Ajax is faced with more and more things crossing between the real world and inside the game Legendary Rule. He's forced to confront the idea that the world of LR might be just as real as his own.

A bomb is dropped on the group as a new announcement for Legendary Rule sends everyone from Ajax to the Mega corps scrambling to find the last key to the vaults of DSG, lost with the death of Tyren's royal family, promising unimaginable power for a player.

Something Ajax knows all too well is about to have serious real world consequences.

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