Dar’s life was simple. Till a driving accident brings him to a new world filled with magic and creatures from fantasy.

He has a fresh chance in a new world, but not everything is peaceful in Granterra. Luckily, with an enchanted body and a legendary ability to grow his magic, Dar has an advantage in cultivating his Dao that no one else does. He’ll have to embrace his newfound powers to their fullest if he’s coming out ahead.

Good for him that the two best ways to expand his magic are by killing his enemies and loving on his women. Given the stunning witch and dryad on his side, it’s not hard to do both.

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Dar and his dao companions are free of Bellhaven and breaking ground for their new village. But the forest by their village brings its own share of problems. A feral jaguar demoness harasses their hunters while a hive of devil ettercaps threatens village’s safety.

All Dar wants to do is get the village ready for the harsh winter. He needs food and lumber to do that.

When he brings the demon girl kicking and screaming back to the village, he gets even a bigger headache trying to civilize her. Now he only has to care for nearly a hundred villagers and get rid of the largest devil infestation anyone has ever seen.

Good thing Dar isn’t an ordinary man, good thing he’s an immortal.

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Winter has come, but Dar won’t be able to rest just yet. An emissary of The White comes through Hearthway headed towards Bellhaven to investigate rumors of their treatment towards the ancient races. While entirely true, Dar has already taken care of those responsible and follows Karn into Bellhaven to observe and further his own goals.

For when the little dao tree absorbed the Mo in the form of a colossal spider, it changed and sprung up new potential within him. Dar wants to see if the devil problem in Bellhaven can’t lead him to another Mo and more power. Yet the trip to Bellhaven yielded more information than he expected. The winter was just the first of their problems.

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Darius and the village of Hearthway have prepared for the winter and even thrived in the middle of it. But as their leader, Dar needs to look to the future, to spring and the war that comes with it.

When military recruiters follow their barge down from Kindrake, he knows he needs to sever his ties with the Kingdom, and the best way to do that is seek The White and bring his village of ancients under her name.

He sets out on the journey, but gets far more than he bargained for. Dar finds Valdis, Lilith’s right hand, drinking her sorrows away in an abandoned village. The Death Spirit that followed Lilith, just might be able to help him solve the problems of the Mo once and for all.

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