Arden was left in the village by a dying mage, who never returned. With no way out of the village on his own, he had always held onto the hope that one day his magic would awaken and give him access to his spheres. But he’s about to turn eighteen and it’s never come. Instead, he’s settled into his lot as a sarcastic and quick-witted innkeeper.

That all changes one night when his old flame, who escaped the village to become a mage’s anchor, returns. Ard’s life is about to go through some dramatic changes, and he’s not ready for them. Too bad, with magic comes responsibility and Ard needs to adapt quickly because he’s making more enemies than friends with his glib tongue.

Thankfully, he’s got some help along the way, because he’ll need it. As the most powerful mage in the nation, he’s about to be thrown headfirst into the elite of the kingdom and a few jokes won’t stop a sword.

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Ard and his anchors are off to the capital, but not without his Congratulations-you’re-a-mage horse. Ard has to figure out what it means to be a noble as he struggles with the politics of the capital, fierce beasts and even fiercer rivals. All the while a goddess slips into his household as the staff and works to watch over him and his mother.

Ard has his work cut out for him, but is the capital ready for him? He’s determined to make a mockery of fashion and see what all he can get away with as a not so subtle ‘screw you’ to the new rules he’s been placed under.

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Ard is hunkering down in the mountains for the winter as the war cools with the snow. That means it’s time to practice his magic and stay out of trouble.

Well… Ard might not be entirely proficient at the last one. At the very least, he’s staying away from the city and his penchant for annoying other people.

Except that doesn’t work out so well when he’s forced to attend a ball held by the Brighthavens, though they’ll certainly regret forcing Ard’s attendance.

No matter how it goes down, you’re sure that Ard is going to have as much fun with it as he can.

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