Five hundred years of fighting demons and humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction. As the last bastion of the remaining humans is shattered, Bran Heros, the Wandering King, decides to enact a last ditch effort.

He’s going to send his soul back in time to two years before the demon invasion comes to earth.This time when the demons first come he’s going to be waiting. He might not be as strong as he was in his past life, but he has something far more important. He has time to get ready for what’s to come and the knowledge to take advantage of every second.Bran is going to use his second chance to gobble up resources and make himself as well as those he chooses a force to be reckoned with.

For now, that means starting all over at level one again.

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Arden was left in the village by a dying mage, who never returned. With no way out of the village on his own, he had always held onto the hope that one day his magic would awaken and give him access to his spheres. But he’s about to turn eighteen and it’s never come. Instead, he’s settled into his lot as a sarcastic and quick-witted innkeeper.

That all changes one night when his old flame, who escaped the village to become a mage’s anchor, returns. Ard’s life is about to go through some dramatic changes, and he’s not ready for them.

Too bad, with magic comes responsibility and Ard needs to adapt quickly because he’s making more enemies than friends with his glib tongue. Thankfully, he’s got some help along the way. Because he’ll need it. As the most powerful mage in the nation, he’s about to be thrown headfirst into the elite of the kingdom and a few jokes won’t stop a sword.

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The Dungeon is a place of magic and mystery, a vast branching, underground labyrinth that has changed the world and the people who dare to enter its depths. Those who brave its challenges are rewarded with wealth, fame, and powerful classes that set them apart from the rest.

Ken was determined to follow the footsteps of his family and become one of the greatest adventurers the world has ever known. He knows that the only way to do that is to get into one of the esteemed Dungeon colleges, where the most promising young adventurers gather. Despite doing fantastic on the entrance exam, when his class is revealed, everyone turns their backs on him, all except for one.

The most powerful adventurer, Crimson, invites him to the one college he never thought he’d enter. Haylon, an all girls college. Ken sets out to put together a party and master the skills he'll need to brave the Dungeon's endless dangers. But he soon discovers that the path ahead is far more perilous than he could have ever imagined.

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Have you ever felt like there was something inside of you pushing your actions? A dormant beast, so to speak. I know it sounds crazy. But, that’s the best way I could describe how I’ve felt for a long time. I thought it was normal, some animal part of the human brain that lingered from evolution. But this is the story of how I learned I wasn’t exactly human, and there was a world underneath our own where all the things that go bump in the night live. And that my beast was very real indeed.

Of course, my first steps into this new unknown world are full of problems. I didn’t know the rules, landing me on the wrong side of a werewolf pack and in a duel to the death with a smug elf. But, at least, I have a few new friends in the form of a dark elf vampiress and a kitsune assassin as I try to figure out just what I am and, more importantly, learn to control it.

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Dar’s life was simple. Till a driving accident brings him to a new world filled with magic and creatures from fantasy.

He has a fresh chance in a new world, but not everything is peaceful in Granterra. Luckily, with an enchanted body and a legendary ability to grow his magic, Dar has an advantage in cultivating his Dao that no one else does. He’ll have to embrace his newfound powers to their fullest if he’s coming out ahead.

Good for him that the two best ways to expand his magic are by killing his enemies and loving on his women. Given the stunning witch and dryad on his side, it’s not hard to do both.

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In a world where mages and monster grow from cultivating mana. Isaac joins the class of humans known as mages who absorb mana to grow more powerful. To become a mage he must bind a mana beast to himself to access and control mana.

But when his mana beast is far more human than he expected; Isaac struggles with the budding relationship between the two of them as he prepares to enter his first dungeon.

Unfortunately for Isaac, he doesn’t have time to ponder the questions of his relationship with Aurora. Because his sleepy town of Locksprings is in for a rude awakening, and he has to decide which side of the war he is going to stand on.

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A former villain is living a quiet life, hidden among the masses. Miles has one big secret: he might just be the most powerful super in existence.

Those days are behind him. But when a wounded young lady unable to control her superpower needs his help, she shatters his boring life, pulling him into the one place he least expected to be—the Bureau of Superheroes.

Now Miles has an opportunity to change the place he has always criticized as women flock to him, creating both opportunity and disaster.

He is about to do the strangest thing a Deputy Director of the Bureau has ever done: start saving Supervillains.

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Ajax Demos finds himself lost in society. Graduating shortly after artificial intelligence is allowed to enter the workforce; he can’t get his career off the ground.

He clings to what he believes a responsible adult should pursue, but it just isn’t in the cards. As his last hope for a steady paycheck disappears new opportunities open.

Ajax gets a chance to play a brand new Immersive Reality game. Things aren't as they seem. Mega Corps hover over what appears to be a simple game.

Two unlikely women hiding their real identities join his party as he tries to get ahead of the competition and set himself on the path of becoming a professional gamer.

Join Ajax and Company as they enter the world of Legendary Rule.

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